10 симптомов, которые говорят о проблемах с глазами

10 symptoms that indicate eye problems

10 симптомов, которые говорят о проблемах с глазами

With the help of our eyes, we obtain maximum information about the environment. Unfortunately, in the modern world, we go to doctors only when the deterioration of vision reaches a critical level.


At the same time, the early symptoms of diseases are ignored, which ultimately can transform the illnesses into a chronic form or even cause complete loss of vision.


What are the most common causes of eyesight problems? What are the most dangerous symptoms? And what to do when diagnosed?


The eyes of a healthy person are capable of distinguishing up to one million colors and shades. 


It can see in almost complete darkness, distinguishing up to one hundred and twenty pixels per angular radius and capturing even single photons of light.


However, over time, we lose our superpowers. The most common causes of blurred vision are:

      •     age factor;
      •     hormonal factor;
      •     the presence of related and chronic diseases;
      •      bad ecology;
      •     taking medications;
      •     unbalanced nutrition;
      •     physical or emotional exhaustion;
      •     excessive use of smartphones, tablets, and computers.


What problems do our eyes “say” about? What to do in these situations? 


In today’s review, we have collected 10 most common symptoms that “signal” about danger threatening our vision.


1. White spots on the cornea.


White spots are most common for users of contact lenses. They are formed on the outer transparent surface of the eye in the case when the membrane has been mechanically damaged and an infection has entered the eye.


There is nothing terrible with that. Most often you just need to temporarily limit the wearing of lenses and drip special drops prescribed by the ophthalmologist after the examination.


2. Tension in the eyes.


Almost every computer or smartphone user is faced with a situation when, after a long work, he could not focus on objects located at a distance. 


This phenomenon is called tension. Eye tension is caused by prolonged focusing on a closely spaced screen. 


It is necessary to take breaks more often during work, warm closed eyes with the warmth of your hands, massage the eyelids, and do special exercises for sight to prevent this problem.


3. Blurred eyes.


Blurred eyes may indicate fatigue and gradual impairment of vision. However, if it does not go away for a long period, then this may indicate the presence of a critical illness. In this case, you need to see a doctor urgently.


Turbidity can be a symptom of a chronic disease of the body, for example, diabetes mellitus, or a specific illness of the organs of vision – cataract or macular degeneration. 


4. The white color ring.


A white ring around the iris is most commonly formed in older people. It can be a symptom of heart disease, risk of stroke, or heart attack. 


At the first appearance of such a ring, you need to immediately consult an ophthalmologist, who will help you make a correct diagnosis and recommend which specialist you need to contact.


5. Syndrome of “dry” eye.


Dryness of the surface of the eyes is formed when the lacrimal glands are not working correctly or when the drying rate is high. 


This syndrome is a frequent companion of office workers, gamers, and active users of modern gadgets and smartphones.


Drops with artificial tears, the correct mode of operation of smartphones will help in this situation. 


Besides, a reminder app helps a lot. It may help to remember to blink when using the phone in the correct mode, moisturizing the surface of the eyes.


6. Yellow pigmentation in the eyes.


Yellow pigmentation in the eye surface may be the first symptom of significant liver disease. If this organ does not sufficiently cleanse the blood, then the concentration of bilirubin in the body increases, which gives the skin and eyes a characteristic yellow tint. 


See your doctors immediately and get additional tests.


7. Increased tearing.


A high level of tear production can be a manifestation of allergic reactions or one of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. After the outer protective membrane dries up, the body tries to make up for it by activating the lacrimal glands. 


If you do not have allergies, we recommend you temporarily change your work or rest mode by putting your smartphone or laptop aside.


8. Vasodilatation.


The redness of the eye caused by vasodilation is a common symptom that can signal fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, flu, or a cold. More often, it does not pose a danger, and it would be enough to just take a rest.


9. Tiredness.


Tiredness in the eyes most often manifests itself in the form of discomfort and burning sensations. The causes of eye fatigue are overexertion of muscles when we focus our gaze for a long time on the phone screen or a page of a book with small print. Rest and gymnastics will help get rid of discomfort.


10. Flicker.


Flashes of light and flickering in front of the eyes are a serious symptom that can be the first manifestation of retinal detachment. Most often they are not visible in the center, but on the sides with closed and open eyes.


It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor since the treatment of flickering in the eyes, and retinal detachment is effective only in the primary stages of the development of the disease. Eye problems have long ceased to be a factor peculiar only to elderly people.


Unbalanced nutrition, ecology, and the abuse of gadgets put at-risk teenagers and people in their prime. 


The best treatment for them is to prevent the development of eye diseases. Prevention for the organs of vision can prevent the worst scenarios.


Get some rest and sleep, do not fall into stress, stay physically active, eat proper, and do not overuse gadgets. 


For those who are forced to spend a lot of time in front of a smartphone or laptop screen, we recommend taking regular breaks, learning a few simple eye gymnastics exercises, and using a reminder app that will keep the correct blinking mode.



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