Основные рекомендации по использованию смартфона

Basic recommendations for using a smartphone

Основные рекомендации по использованию смартфона

A smartphone is harmful to the eyes. It is the conclusion that scientists around the world came a dozen years ago. But it is practically impossible to do without them today. 

For some people, the telephone is the main working tool for others, it is the ability to communicate with the whole world for the third it is an inexhaustible source of entertainment. Or all of this at the same time.


But how can you maintain good eyesight if you use your smartphone constantly all day? 

This task deserves close attention, and we decided to consider how exactly you should use your phone to minimize the risks of reduced sight.


Does the phone deteriorate vision?


First of all, here are some statistics. Since 1997, average vision scores have dropped to 35% worldwide. 

On average, a European resident aged 14 to 29 looks at the phone screen for almost 3.5 hours a day. And that is not all! 

The phone affects vision in the following ways:

      • Because the lights of the screen are predominantly in the blue and violet spectrum. They harm the back of the eye.
      • With constant use, telephone radiation causes damage to the retina.
      • The lights of the blue and light-blue spectrum, coming from the screen of phones, gradually accumulate inside the eye and provoke macular degeneration.
      • Due to the unnatural glow of the screen suffer the human nervous system and the optic nerve fibers.
      • The syndrome of increased fatigue of the eye has become significantly become “younger” precisely because of the active use of telephones. Earlier it was more common for older people, today this disease is diagnosed even in school-age children.
      • Holding the screen too close to the eyes while reading from the phone provokes the development of myopia.

Therefore, we can confidently answer the question: Does the phone deteriorate vision? Yes, it is true. It can deteriorate the sight at any age.


Basic ways to avoid loss of vision when using gadgets


Does it mean that you must stop using phones and tablets? Of course no. This is simply impossible because these gadgets have made our life much easier. The rejection of them will be equal to a step back in the development of civilization and its culture.


What to do in this case? The answer is simple: you need to understand exactly all risks of the constant use of phones. 

Remember that forewarned is forearmed. And then, it is worth taking a responsible approach in choosing the mode of using the smartphone. Think about the question of reducing the burden on vision, if you cannot do without its functions.


Gymnastics for the eyes: the basic rules


It is worth getting to know the very concept of prevention of eye diseases. Preventive measures are a complex that should be incorporated into your daily routine and become a good habit. 

One-time prevention of eye fatigue will not bring you the results you want, but repeated prevention will help improve your eyesight and prevent it from blurred vision.


Gymnastics for the eyes is used as the main method of prevention. This is a set of eye exercises that will help relieve tension from them, relax, and get distracted. You will switch vision from one mode to another, and at the same time keep the eye muscles in a good shape.


There are many complexes of exercises: there are methods of well-known scientists, author’s developments of ophthalmologists, and applications for different ages. We recommend doing at least basic exercises: 

        • Rotation of the eyes in a circle both counterclockwise and clockwise.
        • Heavy shutting up for a couple of seconds.
        • Blinks for several minutes.
        • The shift of the focus of view from close objects on distant ones and vice versa.
        •  Focusing and diffusing sight alternately.


By the way, if you want to use your smartphone not only for work or entertainment, take care of your health with its help. 

All you need to do is download a reminder app, which will signal you that it’s time to blink. This way, you will avoid drying out your eyes during prolonged viewing on the smartphone screen. 


Which smartphone mode should you choose?


It is equally important to choose the correct operating mode for your smartphone. First of all, it is the screen brightness mode. 

Remember that the darker is your surroundings, the darker is your phone screen should be.


Conversely, for bright natural lighting, it is better to set the settings brighter. It is equally important to choose a high-quality phone with a good screen resolution and anti-reflective coating because the reflection of rays from light sources can harm your eyes no less than the glow of the screen itself.


Rules of smartphones


Well, the model of behavior with the phone is the basis of the health of your eyes. It means that:

      • You cannot read in the dark from the phone screen.
      • Do not spend more than 20 minutes on the screen without a break.
      • The break-in working with the phone should be at least 10-20 minutes.
      • Comfortable font and color settings are the right decision.
      • You shouldn’t open or write long documents and books on your phone. There is a computer or laptop for these purposes.

Our recommendations for the safe use of telephones that will protect your eyes it is the guarantee of your health. You should not neglect them, because they will help you maintain your visual acuity for a long time and increase your performance.


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