Усталость глаз: 5 способов её избежать

Eye fatigue: 5 ways to avoid it

Important information for those who care about their eyesight! In October 2020, the Blink application will be available for download. You can install it on your smartphone, as well as on the smartphones of your loved ones.


The purpose of the application is to promptly remind the owner, who is stuck on the screen, to blink. You can read the article below for more information on how blinking affects our vision.  


Zhurba Vitalia Sergeevna

Ophthalmologist for adults and children.

Work experience – since 2007,

“Ophthalmological Center of Doctor Kurbanov”


Eye fatigue is perceived by most of us as something completely normal – returning late at night from work, from a club or restaurant, breaking away from a smartphone screen or reading a book, without just enough sleep, we are used to our eyes experiencing minor pain and reddening a little. 

All of these eye problem syndromes can be the first signs of a serious illness. 

How to relieve eye fatigue, and what factors cause it?

The main symptoms of fatigue are:

      • pain in the eyes;
      • inflammation and irritation;
      • vasodilation and redness;
      • deficiency of vitamins and microelements;
      • dryness and increased lacrimation;
      • deterioration of visual acuity;
      • high photosensitivity;
      • problems of focusing on one point;
      • double or blurred vision.

The main factor causing eye fatigue is the use of smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops. In our digital age, we spend too much time in front of their screens.

Focusing the eyes on a closely located point of the screen, as well as reducing the frequency of blinking to dry out the surface of the eye, redness, inflammation, and the further development of myopia. 

Besides, the quality of our vision is affected by bright light, mechanical damage from sand, dust or contact lenses, toxic smoke, polluted water, and other factors.

How to prevent exhaustion and remove eye fatigue in everyday life? In this case, we have five simple but effective methods.


Method 1. Blink!


That is genius because it is so obvious. Scientists have long answered the question of how badly the phone spoils the eyesight. The main problem is that, according to statistics, using a computer or checking e-mail on a smartphone, we blink about three times less often than under normal conditions.

As a result, we get insufficient moisture, lack of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals for the cells of the outer membrane of the eyes.

Also, blinking has a relaxing function for the cells of the brain, eyeball, and muscles. Therefore, the simplest and most effective advice is – do not forget to blink! 

If you are an active user of smartphones, then a special application can help you with this. Installed on the phone, it will remind you to blink, systematically and at regular intervals. The app will keep your eyes in good shape and relax your brain cells.


Method 2. Rest, sleep, and food.


Full rest and healthy sleep are needed not only for our eyes but for the whole body. If you are working at a computer, take breaks for 5-8 minutes every hour, relax your eyes, and look at objects located 5-6 meters from you. 

It will help relieve tension and defocus your eyes. It should be remembered that no trip to a restaurant or club can replace a few hours of sleep. Chronic lack of sleep can ultimately lead to the worst consequences.

Nutrition is another important factor in maintaining eye health. A balanced diet, food that is rich in vitamins A, B2, D, C, and E, as well as calcium, zinc, and selenium, will help preserve sharp vision, saturate cells with antioxidants, and regenerate damaged tissues of the eyeball.


Method 3. Eyes drops and artificial tears.


The soothing drops give you the ability to quickly relieve tension, eliminate redness, moisturize the surface, and give your eyes a healthy look. Additional moisturizing is especially necessary for contact lens wearers, and the eyes drops must be compatible with this particular type of lens. 

There are two things to remember when using eye drops. Firstly, the modern market provides a great variety of products for you to figure it out on your own. You should consult an ophthalmologist and follow his recommendations. Secondly, most soothing drops only relieve external symptoms. You definitely should not abuse them yourself.


Method 4. Do gymnastics.


The eyes and adductor muscles around the eyes are perfectly relaxed and toned with the help of simple exercises. You can do them at work, at home, sitting on the sofa, seated at a cafe, or even on the way to work. 

They will take you a maximum of 5-10 minutes. The experts recommend repeating them 2-3 times a day. For example, the simplest exercise is to close your eyes tightly 6-8 times, staying in this position for 2-3 seconds, and then sit tight with open eyes for several minutes, defocusing your sight.

Another useful exercise suitable for office workers is “focusing”. You have to hold a pencil in your hand, move your hand as far away from your face as possible, focus on the tip, and without taking it away move the pen to the right and left without taking your eyes off. In this case, the head should be motionless, only the muscles of the eyeball work.


Method 5. Proper use of gadgets.


Unfortunately, in modern life, we can no longer do without smartphones, tablets, and computers, but each of these devices has an extremely negative effect on our vision. 

To minimize damage, you should remember a few simple rules. The computer screen should be located no closer than 45-50 centimeters from the eyes, and when using a smartphone, the distance should be at least 30 centimeters. 

The font of the text should be large because small letters make our eyes strain too much. 

It is better to use sites with a mobile-friendly version on smartphones, as well as online applications. 

And at the very end, our last recommendation is – if your eyes are often hurt from fatigue, then you should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. 

Even a healthy person should get a routine examination at least 2-3 times a year. Believe us, a small amount and timely treatment will help you preserve your clarity of vision and eliminate the need to buy expensive drugs in the future.

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