Методы улучшения качества зрения на протяжении рабочего дня

Methods for improving the quality of vision throughout the working day

Методы улучшения качества зрения на протяжении рабочего дня

In present-day society, our eyes are subjected to constant stress. 


Long-term work behind a laptop screen, smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices has a destructive effect on the quality of a vision of a person, which can gradually lead to partial or complete loss of it.


Our eyes need regular rest and additional relaxation during the working day to prevent the development of serious diseases.


If you are exposed to severe stress for a long time, then you need to see an ophthalmologist regularly. 

Although, if you have a slight deterioration in vision due to a phone or computer, simple methods of preventing and restoring vision can help to cope with it.


The first thing that every person needs to remember, regardless of his place of work, is full and proper nutrition. 


In general, our body and eyes have quite effective mechanisms of self-healing and regeneration if there is a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Moreover, the best source of their receipt is not tablets, but products.


Vitamins that can improve the quality of vision include:

        • Retinol or vitamin A – protects and strengthens the cornea, participates in the restoration of damaged tissues;
        • Thiamine or B1 – normalizes pressure inside the eyes and is part of the neurons involved in the transmission of nerve impulses between the eye and the brain;
        • Riboflavin or B2 – improves the functioning of blood vessels in the eyeball, the quality of color vision, vision at dusk and night;
        • Cyanocobalamin or B6 – provides a proper blood supply to the cells of the eyes;
        • Ascorbic acid or C – is a part of the protective mechanism that protects the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;
        • Tocopherol or E – participates in oxidative processes.

The microelements and antioxidants that important for the eyes are zinc, beta-carotene, lutein, saturated and fatty acids, flavonoids, and other substances. The consumption rates of each of these vitamins and minerals are determined individually. It depends on the nature and intensity of work.


For meaningful improve the quality of vision during the day, office workers and employees in other specialties should include in their diet such foods as sea fish, eggs, greens, apricots or dried apricots, grapes, and apples.


Another method of restoring and relieving eye strain during the working day is rest. According to statistics, most office workers look up from the screens of their devices for only 30-40 minutes during the working day.


The problem is that even during a short rest or lunch break, instead of giving their eyes a break, they use smartphones and tablets to chat with friends, find out the latest news, or play games.


Specialists and ophthalmologists recommend taking one short break for 5-10 minutes every hour of working at the computer or in front of the phone screen. 


At this time, you should distract from gadgets and not use any technique. You can talk to coworkers, wash or apply a cold compress on your eyes, stretch your legs, or just look out the window.


Special exercises during the break will be an excellent way to prevent eye fatigue. It does not take much time, does not require any tools or technical devices. It can be done while sitting at the workplace or on the way home. 


Exercises for improving vision can be found in specialized literature and our article. We will consider only a few of them, the simplest and most effective.


For example, one of the simple daily eye exercises can be considered the exercise called “focusing”. For this purpose, look away from the screen and select two objects located at different distances from your face at a distance of 3-10 meters while sitting at your desk.


Then focus your gaze on the distant object, look at the near one, repeat the procedure for a few minutes. Such a refocusing will help to engage different groups of adductor muscles, quickly relax the gaze and improve the quality of vision.


Another exercise is the so-called “Eight”. In the course of this technique, the eyeballs must describe virtual number eight in the air. First, you can do it clockwise and then counterclockwise.


The exercise can be done both with open eyes and with closed ones, massaging the inner surface of the eyelids with the cornea. Each of these exercises effectively works if you practice it regularly. Devote a few minutes to them every working day, and you will feel the positive effect.


With strong eye-strain in the office or at the workplace, you can wash your face 3-5 times with cold water, carefully massaging the eyelids. The water should be cold but not icy. It will help to stimulate the muscles of the face and eyes, give the skin and eyeballs additional tone, and relieve inflammation from the tissues.


The effective method for improving the quality of vision is the stimulation of moisturizing the surface of the eyes. According to statistics, when using smartphones and tablets for work, play, checking e-mail, or online shopping, people blink about three times less often than usual.


As a result, this leads to dryness of the surface of the eyes, a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients carried by the tear. Besides, the blinking process directly affects brain cells, performing the function of a toggle or switch.


The less often we will blink, the more the brain will get tired, and the more difficult it is for us to concentrate. A way out of the situation is to use special drops with artificial tears or an online application that will automatically remind when using gadgets to blink more often.



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