Как сохранить зрение без особых усилий

How to save eyesight without any effort

Как сохранить зрение без особых усилий

Every day our eyes are faced with extreme stress. We watch TV and use smartphones, work in front of computers and check email on tablets, drink and wash with water contaminated with chemicals and radionuclides. 


We don’t get enough sleep, and we don’t eat well. Even quarantine restrictions did not bring a respite to this regime. The situation became worse by the restriction of mobility and physical activity. 


How to save your eyesight in the period of “isolation” while working in the office or on vacation? 


Have simple ophthalmologists’ recommendations. 


Set up the monitor.


The first rule of preserving vision is setting up your computer or laptop monitor. Experts recommend decreasing the brightness, keeping your eyes close to a distance of fewer than seventy centimeters, and increasing the font size of an electronic document or working browser. 


Besides, there should not be too much contrast between the ambient light and the brightness of the screen. It is not recommended to work on a computer in a dark room with the lights off.


Blue color.


Blue color surrounds us both in nature and on the screens of electronic devices. 


By itself, it does not pose a danger to the eyes, however, in the evening, an excess of this shade signals our body that it is too early to sleep, this knocks down the internal clock of the body and leads to a violation of the natural biorhythm. 


Modern gadgets offer their owners a special filter that limits the blue color on screens. You can activate it in the menu item called Settings.




There are a lot of plants in an office, apartment, and houses. Eyes are no exception. A lot of analytical materials are devoted to the question of the benefits of these plants for human health. 


At a stressful moment for eyesight, just take a look at your flower. The green color of the leaves soothes the eyes, relaxes them, and allows taking a short break while working on a laptop or playing on a smartphone. 




Blinking is a natural process during which the outer tissues of the eye are hydrated, saturated with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for their normal functioning. However, this process performs a much more complex function than it seemed before. 


Numerous studies have shown that by blinking, a person gives a respite to the brain cells, allowing them to relax and accumulate reserves for further productive work. 


This problem is especially relevant for active users of smartphones, tablets, and other digital equipment. We reduce the blinking frequency by about three times, being in front of the screen.


That is why the prevention of saving eyesight should include stimulation of blinking and natural hydration of the eye surface. 


The best way to solve the problem is to use an application on a smartphone or tablet, which works as a kind of reminder, maintaining the natural balance of tear production in the eyes.


Appropriate nutrition.


Proper nutrition is one more way to maintain the quality of vision. Like any other organ in the human body, the eyes require vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is better to get them naturally, with foods that are included in our diet. 


Children, adolescents, people in their prime, and the elderly need to regularly consume oily ocean fish, apples, prunes, grapes, carrots, as well as blueberries, which are rich in a vital antioxidant called lutein, to prevent disease and have normal visual acuity.


The focus is on contact lenses.


Contact lenses are popular with people of all ages. However, in addition to being useful, if used improperly, they also cause significant harm to the eyes. They can infect the eyes and cause mechanical damage to the outer tissues of the eyeball. 


First of all, soft types of contact lenses cannot be worn for more than 90 days without replacement. It is better to take them off at night and rinse them in a particular cleaning solution. Also, doctors do not recommend taking a bath and shower, swimming in a pool, or natural water bodies with contact lenses.


Exercise for the eyes.


Another simple but effective way to keep your eyes healthy is to do a specific set of relaxation and training exercises. These exercises are recommended to be performed every working day, devoting no more than 5-10 minutes to them. 


They can be done in the workplace while using public transport or on the subway. You can do it at home, sitting on the sofa, or by taking a break from playing on a smartphone for a few minutes. The list of exercises can be found in specialize materials on the web and printed. 


Several gadget apps on the market will help preserve the beauty and ensure the longevity of your eyes. These automatic vision preservation programs will remind you to take a break and suggest the best exercise set. 


Do not read on the move.


In recent years, reading in public transport, at the subway and buses has become popular due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets. 


Unfortunately, this method of obtaining information negatively affects our eyes. Bad lighting, combined with constant vibration, does not allow them to focus on one place in the text, which makes us tense.


Rest, and sleep!


The last recommendation of experts is good to rest and sleep. Believe me, that there is no trip to a nightclub or restaurant that is worth a couple of hours of sleep or complete relaxation. 


Chronic lack of sleep in combination with an unbalanced rest regimen can cause irreparable damage to our health and the quality of vision, which cannot be compensated for later by any medication. 


Spider blood veins, redness, and inflammation of the tissues are the first signals of impending danger. Removing external manifestations with pharmaceuticals, we only stimulate the formation of chronic diseases and pound the problem into the middle of our body.



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