Расслабляем уставшие глаза за 1 минуту

Relax tired eyes in 1 minute

Расслабляем уставшие глаза за 1 минуту

Eye fatigue is a common symptom of our time. First and foremost, it is caused by the quality of the air and drinking water, poor organization of work, the popularity of digital devices, and personal computers.


Our eyes get tired of phone screens during leisure and work, day and night, on vacation, and weekends. 


In its own right, this syndrome does not pose a danger to health, but over time it can transform into a chronic form and cause the appearance of diseases leading to partial or complete blindness. 


How to get rid of eye fatigue in one minute at home or in the workplace?


First of all, it should be noted that if you are an active user of smartphones, tablets, or computer equipment, use contact lenses or glasses, do not follow the daily regimen with adequate rest and time for sleep, then you are at risk with a high level of propensity to ophthalmic diseases …


Besides, causes of the formation of eye fatigue syndrome can be such things as improper lighting at work or home, too dry air because of conditioner, taking medications, allergies, high levels of blood or intraocular pressure, and others.


Eye fatigue is most often manifested by the diagnosis of one or more of the symptoms from our list:

        • Pain, “sand” and discomfort;
        •  Dryness or too active tearing;
        • Vasodilation;
        • “Blurry” vision;
        •  Double images;
        • Heaviness.

A good rest and sleep, a balanced diet, rich in vitamins A, B2, C, E, trace elements and antioxidants, lotions and massage, homeopathic remedies, regular visits to an ophthalmologist are the most effective ways to relax your eyes.


However, all these funds require us a significant expenditure on personal time, and not everyone can afford it. 


The modern way of life dictates its conditions, and most often, we need an answer to the question of how to relax the muscles of the eyes quickly in just one minute?


Method one. An eyedropper.


Eye drops with a soothing infusion or artificial tears are a simple and effective method to relieve tension and relax your eyes, whether at home or work, on vacation, or on your way. The modern pharmaceutical market offers such a variety of products with its active ingredients and characteristic features.


Only an ophthalmologist will be able to make sense of it and prescribe the correct drug, taking into account individual characteristics after a personal examination. 


We recommend you to take up these screening once and use the prescribed remedy in those situations when the mode of work or rest requires you to relieve unnecessary stress from the eyes.


Method two. Washing.


Washing with cold water quickly and effectively removes tension from the muscles of the face, eyelids, and eyes, leads to the outflow of blood from the vessels, and eliminate the inflammation of the eyeballs. 


The water should not be icy but cold. You can wash 3-5 times while carefully massaging the skin of the face and eyelids. In itself, a simple wash has no healing effect, but it will help relax tired eyes and bring temporary relief.


Method three. Exercises.


Relaxing eye exercises are another quick and effective remedy. These simple but effective exercises take less than a minute and can be done right in the workplace or front of the TV. 


The main condition for their effectiveness is the correct technique and consistency. Devote time to exercise every day for at least a couple of months, and positive changes will not be far behind!


The first exercise is called “Eight.” Try to “write” the number eight in the air with the help of your eyes. First, you should do it clockwise, and then counterclockwise. Do this exercise several times, forcing each eye muscle to work in turn.


The second exercise is that you should take turns focusing your gaze on objects located about 2-3 and 5-6 meters from you, thus relaxing your eyes that are tired from a computer monitor or smartphone. 


The third exercise is the simplest one. Just move your eyeballs up, down, left, and right, all the way, while keeping your head motionless.


Method four. Massage.


If you need a method to relax your eyes after a phone or computer, then massage is a universal therapeutic, relaxing, and preventive remedy that shows excellent results. 


By massaging the eyeballs and eyelids, we improve their blood supply, help the natural process of removing waste products, improve the supply of oxygen, vitamins, mineral substances, and stimulate the lacrimal glands.


Before the massage, you must take off your lenses or glasses, close your eyes and relax them. Then, with slight touches of the fingertips, we begin to massage the eyebrows, temples, eyelids, bridge of the nose in a circular motion. 


After finishing it, you must close your eyes as much as possible and open as widely as possible, then refreshing them.


All of the ways we have indicated to relax tired eyes are effective methods of preventing diseases if they are used regularly. 


Also, excellent preventive measures are:

      • Correct technique for reading, working at a computer and using a smartphone, keeping the distance between the face and the screen or sheet of the book;
      •  Using a special reminder application for regular blinking when working with a smartphone;
      • Breaks in work for at least 5-8 minutes every hour;
      •  A balanced diet rich in omega acids, vitamins, and antioxidants;
      • Setting of external lighting and brightness of the gadget or laptop screen;
      • Regular sports;
      • Full and healthy sleep;
      • Clean water and air.



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