Влияние современных технологий на здоровье глаз

Impact of modern technology on eye health

Important news! Very soon, in October 2020, you will be able to install the “Blink” – mobile application on your smartphone and smartphones of your loved ones.


This application will remind you to blink when you are stuck in your smartphone. Why do we need reminders to blink? Where does “sticking” lead? Everything is described in this article.


Andreeva Evgeniya Alexandrovna

Ophthalmologist for adults and children.

Work experience – since 2015,

“Ophthalmological Center of Doctor Kurbanov”


A modern person spends a lot of time with high-tech devices. 


Think for yourself: if you spend at least 7-8 hours a day at a computer screen, then even sit down to flip through the feed on social networks, play a game, or watch a couple of episodes of your favorite TV series, then this number will increase by half. 


As a result, you spend more than half a day behind the screen of electronic devices.


Of course, such a regime cannot but affect health. No wonder that ophthalmologists sounding the alarm because the influence of gadgets on eyesight is purely negative!


Let’s consider whether the phone spoils the eyesight


How do the frequently changing pictures on the laptop screen affect the eye? Is there a safe way to spend all day on the gadget?


What does a healthy eye look like?


A healthy human eye ideally sees objects located at different distances, whether it is a few meters from the eye or 20-50 cm. 


At the same time, healthy vision is characterized by the absence of inflamed vessels and mucous membranes, the presence of a pure white sclera, pupils of the same size and shape.


If you have:


o   There are white spots on the eye;

o   The eyes twitch;

o   Dry eye syndrome occurs: burning, dryness, redness, sharp pain;

o   Vision is blurred;

o   There is redness of the eyes;

o   More frequent “shapes” before the eyes.


These are alarming symptoms that you should take into account and tell your doctor about them. In this case, it is worth considering whether you spend too long time behind the screen of electronic devices.


Is there a relationship between the use of gadgets and visual acuity?


Human visual acuity is a rate that changes over time. At birth, no one has 100% vision until the age of 16, a person’s eyes are only being formed, and gradually pass from farsighted vision to normal.


Subsequently, factors such as heredity, stress, diseases, and an improper lifestyle affect visual acuity. By the way, the use of electronic gadgets belongs to the last factor.


How exactly does the phone affect vision?

Let’s start with a small digression into statistics: German scientists have found that young people between the ages of 14 and 29, on average, spend more than 270 minutes at the gadget screen every day, which is 3.5 hours! 


Three years ago, this rate was half an hour less. At the same time, the influence of gadgets on the body is manifested both in visual impairments and in mental disorders, problems with the spine, blood vessels, and excess weight.


If we review in detail our eyesight, then phones and tablets have the following effect on it:


o   Most often, smartphones are too close to the eyes: the distance from the eyes to an object (book, monitor, screen) should be at least 30 cm, but how often do you follow this rule? As a result, eyes get tired of the phone much faster than when reading a regular book.

o   Screen brightness is a function that can be adjusted. But most often, people use the maximum screen brightness. They use smartphones in complete darkness when there is no natural light at all, or in low light conditions, and this also hurts the eyes.

o   With a constant focus on a closely located object, the pupils are permanently fixed in an unnatural position. So, they are turned inward. And this contributes to a decrease in vision.

o   At the same time, due to the constant “sticking” to the screen, the lens becomes convex, and this position is also not the norm.

o   Also, those who use smartphones for a long time often face the problem of dry eyes. Due to the focus on what is happening on the screen, we forget to blink! And this also harms vision.


How to prevent blurred vision because of phones?


Of course, there is no universal recipe for how to relieve your eyes from unnecessary stress. There are several rules, following which you can reduce the risk of loss of eyesight if you use gadgets regularly.


o   Reduce the time you spend on your phone or laptop.

o   Control how long you spend time behind the screen without interruption.

o   Do basic eye exercises.

o   Be in the fresh air more often.


But what if your eyesight became worse because of the phone


First of all, it is worth seeing a specialist and has a full diagnosis. Loss of vision is the too generic name for eye diseases, and it is worth knowing – what type of dysfunction you have.


It will also be useful to introduce all those rules that act as prevention of vision loss, and which we wrote about above. 


And, most importantly, do not let your eyes dry! This process is accompanied by a long sitting at the gadget screen. It provokes the development of vision loss.


You have to blink regularly, moisturize the eye so that the eyes do not hurt, and the tension will not be so huge. If you notice that you forget to blink in time, it is better to use a particular application that will remind you of this.


Use modern technologies not only for entertainment or work but also to maintain your health. Thanks to it, you can preserve your vision and not experience discomfort from constant eye contact with gadget screens.



Best of all, follow the basic recomendations for using your smartphone