К чему приводит зависимость от смартфонов

Where is smartphones addiction lead to

К чему приводит зависимость от смартфонов

Smartphones and tablets, laptops, and smart devices – all of them have become our indispensable helpers. 


Nowadays, it is hard to imagine the life of an active person without these devices. Younger people use gadgets very often.


According to statistics, in Germany alone, the average time a young person spends in front of a gadget screen is as much as 274 minutes a day!


And this is on average, but what about those who are addicted to their phone? There are a lot of such people in our country! For example, how often do you turn on your smartphone screen?


We can bet that it is more than a dozen times a day! Add to that time games, watching videos on popular platforms, reading books, and using work applications. Well, it turns out that almost all day, you turn to the gadget!


At the same time, not every device user has heard about the safe mode of using the phone. But it does exist, and we will tell you in detail how to reduce the load on the body with the constant use of phones and tablets.


Health consequences of constant use of gadgets


If we talk about the influence of gadgets on our life, then, first of all, we think about how much they made it easier! 


All the information in the world, the ability to control different devices remotely, communication with friends and family – all this is given to us by gadgets.

But they also become destroyers of our health. And if we talk about what exactly the constant “sticking” to the smartphone screen leads to, then we can distinguish three main groups of problems:


o   Psychological addiction and disorders;

o   Physical dysfunctions;

o   Diseases of the eyesight.


Remember that children, adolescents, and young people are considered the most susceptible to these problems. They are the major users of mobile gadgets.


The psychological aspect of phone addiction


If we talk about psychology, then the main problem of the constant use of gadgets is the loss of a sense of reality. The wider the possibilities of our mobile devices, the fewer needs we have for real communication and interaction. It is the first of the problems of the modern “digital” world.


Also, do not forget that content on the phone can be very different, and often children and adolescents experience emotional overload due to content that is inappropriate for their age. 


On top of that, it has already been proven that early introduction with gadgets in childhood causes a delay in speech development. When the background sounds of gadgets cause sensory overload, and not only in children but also in adults. 


 Influence on the physical condition of the body


o   There are negative consequences for the physical condition of the body caused by the constant use of mobile phones. Particularly these are:

o   Stagnation of blood due to fixation of the body in one position for a long time while using smartphones or tablets.

o   The tendency to obesity in people who sit behind the screens of gadgets for a long time.

o   The problem with posture and spine: often the wrong posture while playing or communicating behind the screen become triggers for the curvature of the spine, the development of osteochondrosis, and intervertebral hernia.

o   In turn, pinching in the spinal column and blood stagnation leads to oxygen starvation of the brain and the appearance of neurological problems.

o   And, of course, if you ask whether the telephone impairs eyesight, the answer will be unmistakable: “Yes, this is one of the main reasons for the development of myopia in adolescents and young people.”


How do smartphones affect our vision?


Smartphone and tablet are small screen gadgets that fit comfortably in the hand. But for such convenience, you have to pay with your eyesight. 


Have you noticed that your eyes hurt because of your smartphone after an hour of active use of this gadget? 


How often do you do eye exercises if you are working on your phone or reading?


The bright but small screen of the gadget forces our eyes to focus at a short distance from the object (smartphone), and at the same time, we have to hold this focus for a long time.


And if the game captivates you completely, a fascinating correspondence with friends is conducted on the smartphone, or an interesting video is played then you will not be distracted from the screen every 10-15 minutes, as required by the prevention of deterioration of sight


As a result, you will naturally feel pain in your eyes because of your smartphone, and eventually, your vision will worsen.


Ways to reduce dependence on smartphones and other gadgets


To keep your eyes healthy, your psyche strong, and your body strong you should be instilled with a culture of handling mobile devices. 


Besides, in the complex of actions on how to stop blurred vision in adolescents and adults caused by addiction to gadgets, you need to add a correction to the daily regimen and diet.


So, how to keep your sight and health if you often use your phone or tablet? 


1.    Reduce the time you use your gadget. Even if you are passionate about it, you should not spend all day on the screen without a break. Make the mode of use harmonious. After an hour of playing or watching, take a rest for one or two hours.

2.    Take periodic rest from gadgets for the whole day. Such blackout helps not only cope with addiction but also relax.

3.    Be sure to use your gadget in a comfortable position, not lying down, not on the move.

4.    Regulate your diet. If you lead an inactive lifestyle, constantly use your smartphone, and rarely exercise, you should add more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and antioxidants to your diet.

5.    Enter a rule: since you are using a gadget, let it be useful! It means that you should install special health monitoring apps for yourself. For example, set a reminder to blink. Such an application is useful for those who like to watch movies or read books: with it, you will not forget to blink from time to time and will not experience dry eye syndrome.


And at the same time, you should install a pedometer. You can set goals for at least a certain number of steps. You can also download exercises for visual acuity. They are no less useful for your eyes.


Gadgets can be both good and bad for humanity. Only a conscious approach to their use and control of your health will allow you to use them without destruction to your health.



Does it interesting for you? How do modern phones affect our lives?