Как улучшить остроту зрения

How to improve visual acuity

Как улучшить остроту зрения

The organs of vision are the main channel of information perception by which we learn about the world. According to the studies, up to 80-90 percent of all information about the environment, we get through our eyes. 

That is why even a minimal impairment of visual acuity becomes a big problem and can develop over time into partial or complete blindness. 

Myopia and astigmatism, cataracts, and other diseases have long ceased to be companions of the older people. 

Every year more and more young people and people in their prime go to doctors. How to restore sight acuity and maintain it to a ripe old age?


The main causes of disruptions in the normal functioning of the eyes are:

        • Age factors;
        • hormonal imbalance;
        • chronic diseases;
        • intense fatigue;
        • lack of sleep;
        • irrational lighting regime in the workplace or at home;
        • polluted air and drinking water;
        • unbalanced nutrition;
        • mechanical damage to the eyes;
        • lack of vitamins and minerals;
        • improper use of smartphones, tablets, and computers.


The last factor is becoming more and more relevant every year. It is hard to imagine our daily life without a mobile phone or tablet. Thanks to them, we learn about the latest news, communicate with friends in messengers and social networks, play, and work. 

However, the abuse of digital technology and gadgets ultimately leads to a decrease in visual acuity. 


The main problem is that, according to statistics, we blink our eyes about 70-75 percent less often than under normal conditions, using a digital screen located close to the eyes. As a result, the surface of the eyes dries up; it does not receive the nutrients and vitamins carried by the tear.


Besides, medical research has shown that the blinking process directly affects brain cells and acts as a certain toggle switch. It allows the brain to relax, momentarily turn off attention and conserve more energy for cognitive functions.


The main rule that determines the quality and acuity of our vision is a regular examination by an ophthalmologist, and an accurate following to his recommendations. If your eyes do not show a clear impairment of their functional abilities, then one or two visits to the doctor every six months would be the optimal regimen.

In critical situations, you need to respond immediately. Even at home, you can effectively use your time to prevent and improve visual acuity.


One of these popular methods is eye gymnastics. Daily training for a few minutes directly affects the physiology of visual acuity. 

They stimulate and develop all the adductor muscles of the eyes. It allows the internal mechanism of the eyeball to relax and defocus for a while, repair damaged cells and tissues, moisturize the surface of the cornea and saturate it with nutrients. 

They do not require much time. Gymnastics can be done both at work, in the office, and at home or on a walk.


The first group of home exercises for the eyes belongs to the category of preventing:

      • Close your eyes tightly for three or four seconds, open them wide. This exercise must be repeated 7-10 times in a row;
      • Blink at a fast pace for a couple of minutes;
      • Close your eyelids and use your fingertips to massage the bridge of the nose and muscles around the eyeball;
      • Fix the head in one position and look 8-10 times to the sides, up and down, making cross-like movements with the eyeballs. In this case, the neck should remain motionless;
      • Having fixed the head, rotate the eyeballs clockwise and counterclockwise for 30-60 seconds.
      • The following exercise is used to train gaze focus. You need to select two objects located at a distance of 3-6 meters from you, while the distance between the objects should be as large as possible. 

It is necessary to sit or stand in a comfortable position, focus on a near object for 2-3 seconds, transfer it to a distant object, and repeat this exercise for 1-3 minutes. 

Such training is especially effective during intensive use of computer equipment, smartphones, or tablets when our gaze is focused for a long time only on one closely located point.


You can apply the following exercises after long-term use of gadgets:

      • turn away from the monitor, close your eyes tightly and then open them. Repeat the exercise 12-15 times;
      • closing your eyes, massage your eyelids and temples with your fingers;
      • make circular movements with your eyes, “drawing” a virtual figure “eight” in the air, for 1-3 minutes;
      • Wash up yourself with cold water, and massage your eyes, repeating the procedure 3-5 times. The water should be cold but not icy.

Besides exercise, the essential way to maintain the health of the eyesight is proper nutrition. The food at home or the workplace should be low-fat, balanced in terms of carbohydrate and protein content. 

Also, it should be saturated with omega acids, vitamins A, B2, B6, C and E, zinc, and other trace elements. It is better to get them with food, and the use of vitamins in the form of tablets is advisable only if there is a pronounced deficiency. 

It is necessary to carefully monitor two parameters with the active use of smartphones or tablets. The distance from the eyes to the screen and the contrast of lighting. The distance between the phone and your face should be at least thirty centimeters. It is not recommended to bring the screen closer. 

A bright screen in a dark room has a destructive effect on the quality of our vision. It is necessary to use background lighting or reduce the brightness of gadgets.

Another handy feature is Eye Protection, which can be activated in your phone using the Settings section. You can use a reminder application to maintain the optimal blink rate, which automatically monitors the adequacy of the corneal surface moisture.

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