Способы профилактики здоровья глаз при использовании смартфона

Prevention of eye health when using a smartphone

Способы профилактики здоровья глаз при использовании смартфона

Today our life is closely connected with the use of electronic gadgets, and above all, the mobile phone. For many people, it becomes a faithful helper and friend. 

It is a way of communicating with the whole world, a working tool, and a source of a variety of entertainment.

Nevertheless, scientists proved that smartphones are very harmful to the eyes

To preserve your vision, you need to use the phone correctly. Besides, it is worth listening to the advice of specialists and regularly carrying out vision prophylaxis. 

What is it, and how to do it? We will tell you about it in more detail in our article.


How to understand that vision is closing down?

It is not easy to understand that the eyesight has closed down because of the phone. To accurately determine which disease is developing, an ophthalmologist’s diagnosis will be required. 

Therefore, do not forget about regularly scheduled examinations if you often use your phone, tablet, or spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen.

But there are also indirect signs by which one can understand that the eyes are overloaded, and the vision suffers from too long interaction with the smartphone screen.

  • “Dry eye syndrome” is one of the most significant conditions that indicate that the eyes are overstrained. It occurs due to insufficient hydration of the cornea of the eye, in the case when you read or watch a video on the phone screen for a long time. If earlier, it was a disease that affected only the elderly because of natural changes in the body, today 20 percent of the population is safer from dry eyes, discomfort, and redness of the conjunctiva.

  • Increased eye fatigue: Eye strain leads to painful sensations, the necessity to close the eyes and rest, redness, excessive production of tear fluid.

  • The need to keep the phone screen as close to your eyes as possible means your vision is closed down, and you can no longer see text or images on the screen at an appropriate distance. This symptom may indicate the development of myopia.

  • The inability to keep attention on one object for a long time is also a sign that the eyes are experiencing overload.


If you have at least one of these signs, you should see a doctor. If you regularly spend more than 20 minutes on the phone screen, the prevention of vision will not be superfluous. 

What is it, and how to carry it out? We will tell you further.


The eyes hurt because of the phone: what to do in this case?

First of all, consider the case when your eyes hurt from the phone: what to do in this case? The first thing to stop the burden on your eyes, at least for a short while.

Put your phone aside, but do not replace it with a TV or laptop screen. Better take a break from gadgets at all.

Another action that is helpful for sore eyes is simple eye health exercises that should be done as often as possible if you are using your gadget all day, for example, working with it or studying.

  • Move your gaze from the screen to a point in the distance. This exercise should be done 20-30 times every half hour of work.

  • You should close your eyes tightly for 3-4 seconds and then open them.

  • Massage your eyelids and eye area tender.

  • Roll your eyes clockwise and counterclockwise for 15 seconds.

Also, one of the reasons why the eyes hurt is the drying out of the cornea. Working with your phone or tablet, you get carried away by it and forget to blink. 

You strongly cannot do it! Therefore, a special application will be useful, which will remind you to blink while watching or reading. 

Download it, and you will notice in a few days that even with a long “sticking” to the screen, the discomfort in the eyes will disappear.

Basic vision prevention actions for children and adults

Preventing human vision is a useful action to follow even if you have 100 percent vision. Remember that prevention is a complex that needs to be performed on an ongoing basis, as one-time compliance with its requirements will not help you preserve your vision. 

So, what is included in this complex?

      • Compliance with the sleeping regime: Lack of sleep is one of the main factors why eyes get tired. If you sleep less than you need, your eyes do not have time to rest and recover from a hard day.
      • Proper nutrition: If you supplement your menu with foods containing vitamins A and E, which are beneficial for your eyes, the risk of eye diseases will decrease.
      • Correct posture while viewing or working with the phone screen. You should not “stick” into it on the move, lying down, or standing.
      • Adequate lighting levels are also important. Remember that you cannot read or play in complete darkness and low light conditions. You need to adjust the screen brightness: the less light in the room, the lower the brightness should be.
      • Rejection of bad habits. Scientists have already proven the link between smoking, alcohol, and decreased vision. If you have to spend a lot of time in front of the screen of gadgets, you should not make the situation worse with bad habits.
      • It will be worth making a habit of using useful vision exercises and eye trainers, such as blink control apps.
      • Controlling the distance to the screen from the eyes is the basis of all prevention. Remember that it must be at least 30 cm.

Falling eyesight in schoolchildren and adults is a real disaster faced by modern doctors. The distribution of gadgets plays a significant role in this. 

We wish you to avoid eye problems due to mobile phones and hope that our tips will help you with that.

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