Как замедлить падение зрения

How to slow down the process of blurred vision

Как замедлить падение зрения

Deterioration of sight is a real scourge of modern society. Every year the number of clients of ophthalmologists is increasing, and the major eye diseases become “younger”. 

If earlier, glasses were more likely attributes of older people, today pretty young girls and boys wear it.

Blurred vision is the general name for a whole range of problems associated with the dysfunction of human organs of vision. 

Most often, this name is called two main problems: myopia and hyperopia. They can be diagnosed by specialists who measure the degree of vision loss and offer the type of treatment that will slow down the process or improve it.

Nevertheless, in addition to eye diagnostics, vision problems can be noticed on your own, and, at the same time, you can develop a strategy on how to slow down the development of diseases or prevent them. 

We have collected all the basic recommendations concerning all areas of human life, with the help of which you can stop the loss of vision.

Reasons: why does eyesight become worse?

To begin with, let’s consider why vision may become worse. There is a concept of age-related vision changes. It affects older people, and as the population ages, it becomes more common. 

Most often, age-related deterioration manifests itself in the form of a decrease in the size of the pupils because the muscles that are responsible for their regulation become weaker. 

Also, peripheral vision and color recognition deteriorates because of age. Quite often people of mature age suffer from increased dryness of the eyes. A decrease in the amount of tear fluid after the age of 50 leads to “dry eye syndrome”.

If with age-related changes everything is more or less clear, then the deterioration of vision at a young and mature age occurs due to different reasons.

Causes of decreased vision at a young and adulthood 

Why does vision deteriorate in young and healthy people? There are some internal and external reasons.

Congenital causes include:

  • Congenital defects of the organs of vision, birth trauma, or pathology.

  • Heredity. A genetic predisposition, inherited, can cause the development of myopia, hyperopia, and other eye diseases.

External factors that affect the level of visual acuity are more numerous:

  • Stress is one of the most fundamental factors affecting the body in general and the eyes in particular. Exhaustion, depressive conditions, lack of sleep, constant stress – all this provokes a decrease in vision.

  • An unhealthy lifestyle is also one of such external factors. Desk job, minimum physical activity, blood stagnation, unhealthy diet, bad habits – this is just a basic list of reasons that cause problems with the eyesight.

  • Spinal problems: remember that everything in the body is interconnected, and curvature of the spine leads to neurological problems, decreased blood flow, and, as a result, to disturbances in the functioning of the eyes.

  • Too long working with gadgets is a real scourge of our time. Most often, the average person, in addition to an 8-hour working day in front of the computer, spends at least an hour or two at the screen of a smartphone or laptop. Of course, it affects vision.

  • Insufficient lighting: the lack of proper lighting during work and rest, a minimum of natural light – this also affects visual acuity.

  • The presence of diseases that cause visual impairment. Various infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, as well as diabetes and neurological problems can be a cause of blurred vision.

  • It is not a complete list of reasons why vision problems progress even at a very early age and young ones.

How to determine that your vision is decreasing without a visit to the doctor?

Of course, only a qualified specialist can see the complete picture. But not everyone regularly goes to diagnostics of eyes for no apparent reason. You know that you can notice blurred vision long before the problem becomes catastrophic. 

Symptoms of deterioration of sight can be as follows:

  • Inability to concentrate on the object.

  • Bringing the screen of a gadget or book closer to your eyes. If you used to hold a smartphone or a book at a farther distance from your eyes, but gradually bring them closer, you should think about the diagnosis of eyesight.

  • “Dry Eye Syndrome”. If you have eye pain, sore, redness, or a burning sensation, your eyes may not be hydrated enough.

  • The inability to see objects that are more than 1 meter away from you or closer than 20-50 cm are symptoms of myopia and hyperopia.

  • Fatigue and headaches. It can also be a symptom of eye diseases.

If you have at least one of these symptoms, it is time to visit an ophthalmologist because vision will not improve by itself. 

In the meantime you are thinking about how to set aside time for going to a specialist, we will tell you how to reduce the deterioration of sight on your own.

How to reduce eye strain and slow down the loss of vision?

Any doctor will tell you that the best treatment is prevention. Prevention for the eyes is the basis for slowing down regressing vision. 

What does it include?

  • First of all, is the lifestyle change. Start exercising, or at least take walks in the fresh air. Give up bad habits and develop a stable daily routine with regular long sleep.

  • Diet change: enrich your diet with foods that are good for your eyes. These include carrots, broccoli, fish, blueberries. Reduce eating of fatty and fried foods that cause cholesterol to build up in the blood vessels. The basis of keen eyesight is the right blood supply.

  • You can start to improve your condition due to monitoring your posture and dealing with spinal problems.

  • Control the mode of your work with gadgets! The last point is especially important. According to statistics, it is the long-term use of mobile devices that provokes dry eyes.


If you want to know how to use the phone and not ruin your eyesight, here are a couple of recommendations!

  • Adjust the screen brightness to the optimum and use dedicated reading apps that are adapted to the natural look of book pages.
  • Do not forget about the correct posture: play, hang out on social networks, watch movies from the phone screen, stand in a sitting position, in a convenient place.
  • Do not forget to take regular breaks! Besides, regular users of gadgets periodically forget to blink! A specially designed application will help you to remind you that your eyes need to be wetted. Download it and get distracted from what is happening on the screen to preserve your vision.


Saving of vision is an essential part of the life of a modern person because many of the factors affecting vision loss are part of our daily life.

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