Как современные телефоны влияют на нашу жизнь?

How do modern phones affect our lives

Как современные телефоны влияют на нашу жизнь?

Technology is the foundation of our civilization. In the past few decades, humankind has made a huge step forward in many areas. 

But perhaps the most evident achievement was the global spread of mobile gadgets. These are the devices that have become the main assistants in the work, life, communication, and entertainment of a person.

Today, perhaps, every person has mobile phones, and children begin their acquaintance with a smartphone before they start to speak. 

But how exactly do gadgets affect us? Let us get this over in detail!

Nowadays, scientists recognize that mobile phones and tablets have an impact on the following aspects of our lives:

  • Changes in the human psyche;

  • Impact on a general physical form;

  • Effects on the eyes.

Gadgets and their impact on the psyche

Even though mobile phones have made our life much easier, their influence is not so positive. 

Especially when it comes to the mobile psyche of children, who often spend more than one hour every day in front of the phone screen. 

Today we can talk about unusual syndromes that have arisen precisely because of the people’s passion for mobiles:

  • The so-called “vibration syndrome” – when a person thinks that the phone in his pocket vibrates, but it is not!

  • Increased anxiety and control syndrome: A constant stream of calls and messages forces people to check their gadget almost every minute.

  • Sleep deficiency: Often, due to the need to play a game, read or scroll through the news feed on social networks, sleep suffers because now everyone tries to spend at least a couple more minutes with a smartphone in their hands before going to bed.

  • Decreased concentration of attention due to the constant updating of information in the gadget.

  • Information deficit: whereas previously, to obtain the necessary knowledge, one had to read a book from cover to cover, now it is enough to look into a searcher and find it. The speed of information perception is increasing, and now a leisurely reading of the book causes “information hunger”.  

There are, however, good trends: for example, compared to previous generations, gadget owners are more likely to see colored dreams. And, also the person has increased the speed of perception of visual information.

How do mobile phones affect physiology?

We can already tell you that we will not talk about the dangers of modern communication standards, since the negative effect of mobile phone radiation has not been proven. 

But it is already obvious that the owners of mobile phones often suffer from inflammation of the wrist joint (“carpal tunnel”), their posture often deteriorates, and there are problems with the spine. 

Also, due to the long-term use of gadgets, the time of active movement is reduced. It leads to obesity and problems with the circulatory system.

The main organ that suffers from the impact of gadgets is, of course, our eyes. 

Have you ever felt how your eyes hurt from the phone? This symptom is far from uncommon and in all age categories of smartphone users.

Eyes, as the main organ that suffers from electronic devices

A bright smartphone screen is the main source of information and entertainment for a person. But it also leads to a blurred vision. 

Many people think: does the eyesight become worse because of the phones when using it in the dark?

We can unequivocally answer this question: yes, the use of gadgets in low light conditions is one of the main reasons for the loss of vision in young people.

Unfortunately, the harm of smartphones is not limited to this. Vision is affected by:

  • Flicker frequency of the gadget screen;

  • The phone is too close to the eyes;

  • Excessive brightness of the screen: that is why the eyes usually hurt because of the ips of the phone;

  • Incorrect posture while playing or watching content: it can lead to pinching of nerve endings, stagnation of blood – and, as a result, insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain and eyes and incorrect translation of nerve impulses;

  • Drying of the eye due to during a fascinating correspondence, playing, or watching a video, you forget to blink, your eyes become inflamed. There is a burning feeling, pain, and redness.


If we talk about how the phone affects a child’s vision, then everything is even worse. The eyes of the children under 16 are just forming, and constant contact with the screens of electronic gadgets negatively affects the development of the organs of vision. 

Besides, the constantly changing picture affects the ability to keep the gaze on the object for a long time.

How to protect eyesight and not give up mobile gadgets?

There is an acute question of how to preserve vision, but not give up the gadget completely. There are some basic rules by which you can reduce eye strain while working or relaxing in the company of your favorite phone.

So, how do you reduce blurred vision because of your phone?

    • Try to keep track of how much time you and your children spend in front of the screen of the gadget per day. Better to limit using a smartphone to 1-2 hours a day.
    • Provide yourself with good lighting when watching videos or playing games on your phone.
    • Remember the fact that natural light is always better than artificial.
    • Blinking is a natural process that is essential for the comfort of your eyes. If you are so fond of your smartphone that you do not remember whether you blinked for a previous couple of seconds, it is better to use an original blink control application.
    •  Downloading it is a matter of a couple of seconds, and in the future, the application will remind you to blink, and at the same time – to distract from the screen and relax.
    • Take breaks from working with your smartphone: take at least 10-15 minutes of rest from the screen every half hour.
    • Exercise for the eyes is the most beneficial and most effective prevention for the eyes. You will put the phone aside for this time.

These guidelines will help you reduce the effect of your gadget on the eyes. They will also be useful for the psyche and physical form. 



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