Как не испортить зрение за телефоном

How do not to spoil eyesight by using a phone

The best news of autumn 2020! The mobile application Blink will be available for installation on any smartphones from October.



The app will remind you to blink just when you or your child is stuck in the smartphone. Read in our article: Why is blinking important for maintaining vision? Why “sticking” is dangerous?


Mangitaeva Aigul Minsharovna

Ophthalmologist for adults and children.

Work experience – since 1989,

“Ophthalmological Center of Doctor Kurbanov”

A smartphone is the best friend of the modern person. From a simple device for receiving calls with a couple of base functions, the phone has turned into a faithful assistant. 

Nowadays, with its help, you can realize yourself in almost any area. Work with a smartphone? Easy! Chat with people all over the world? It cannot be easier! 

Play super-modern games, or even go into virtual reality? No problems! Even learning with a mobile phone has become quite real.

But there is one aspect that calls into question all benefits of smartphones and tablets – the ruin eyes because of the phone.

How to minimize the negative impact of digital gadgets and how to protect your eyes from your phone

Let us find out a little more about it!

Symptoms of vision problems caused by mobile phones

Let us start with the main thing: how to determine that regular sitting at the smartphone screen has led to the loss of vision? 

Only an ophthalmologist can make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, do not forget to have regular examinations and monitor your level of eyesight under the care of a specialist. 

But even without a visit to the optometrist, you can feel that the body doesn’t work properly. 

The checking can be done according to the following criteria:

      • If your eyes hurt because of your phone, it is the first and most common sign of vision loss.
      • The redness of the whites of the eyes and mucous membranes is also a sure sign that your eyes are tired of the smartphone.
      • Sore eyes, dryness, the desire to scratch the eyes –  these are some of the symptoms of “dry eye syndrome”. It is a condition when due to insufficient wetting of the eye surface it dries up. It is not an uncommon situation among an avid amateur of mobile surfing.
      • If you notice that you have to hold the gadget too close to your face, this is an alarming sign, which means that you develop myopia. Due to this fact, the normal position of the gadget is no longer sufficient for you to see what is shown on the screen.
      • If you start having headaches, you feel tired, after using the phone for a long time, it may also be a problem with your eyesight.

These symptoms can manifest themselves individually, or they can be diagnosed in a complex manner. 

But in any case, if you notice at least one of them in yourself or loved ones, you should think about how not to ruin your eyesight because of the phone.

Principles of a healthy attitude to mobile gadgets

Of course, everyone wants to know the secret – “How to sit on the phone and not spoil the eyesight?”. It is quite simple. You have to be environmentally friendly to your body. 

What does it mean? An eco-friendly attitude involves taking care of your body and the ability to listen to its needs. 

In particular:

      • Do not forget about the regime of the day. Do not waste time on your smartphone, which should be devoted to rest, sleep, or food in your schedule.
      • Do not forget about nutrition. If you often use the phone, work with digital devices, or like to play at your leisure, adjust the menu so that it contains more foods containing vitamins A, E, C, and a mineral complex. These substances help maintain eye health.
      • Sleep is your source of relaxation. Never waste sleep time on your phone, even if you want to.
      • Be sure to take breaks if you have to look at the phone screen for more than half an hour. Put the gadget aside every half hour and rest for 10-15 minutes.
      • Physical activity is a must-have, especially it concerns outdoor exercise. Due to constant use of the smartphone, not only vision can deteriorate, but also posture. Only regular physical activity will help reduce the risks of spinal illnesses.

But if these rules are rather general, they are useful to every person and follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Then the following should be done directly to save the eyesight: 

      • During the intervals after half an hour of working with the gadget. It is worth doing a simple exercise for the eyes.
      • Always keep an eye on the lighting: insufficient lighting can be a cause of blurred vision.
      • Do not get carried away with the phone too much: your passion can lead to the same “dry eye syndrome” already described above. It occurs when you forget to blink, leaving your eyes without natural moisture. Without moisturizing the eyes become inflamed, and the vessels burst. If such symptoms appear often, then occurs vision deterioration.


By the way, if you want to remove the risk of “dry eye syndrome”, your smartphone will come to your aid! 

Just download an application on your phone that controls your blinking. It will remind you to blink, and at the same time will give you a lot of useful information about what to do to save eyesight.

Remember that your smartphone is not a part of you. It is a useful and handy gadget, no doubt about it. 

Nevertheless, if you use it improperly, “stick” on the screen too often, you will have a problem with health. First of all, with your eyes.

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